Design Solutions

What do the latest fashion, animations/cartoons,
sporty cars, advertising campaign and all the
clever toys have in common? Mostly likely, these
were all designed by creative professionals on a
Wacom Cintiq creative pen display or a
Wacom Intuos creative pen tablet.

Whatever you specialize in – advertising, design, illustration, architecture or digital media – establishing an efficient workflow depends on your ability to easily and efficiently introduce design elements and build out your concepts. And here’s where Wacom plays.

Wacom sits at the front end of the design process and can inform so much about a designer’s output. Because initial design is all about 2D concepting and the creative execution of the designer.

As the design process moves to 3D, many creatives prefer to use the pen for its natural control and comfort in working with popular 3D applications. You’ll gain the ability to combine 2D and 3D. Model what is easy to model, while you draw what’s easy to draw, such as complex curves and geometry, painting in patterns, texture, material, part breaks, and colors.

How our solution is different from others in the market?

Partnering alongside with Wacom which is pioneer and inventor of stylus pen technology and the first organization to introduce pressure sensitive pens and touch tablets in the world, we have just the right design solution, experience and the team to cater to your designing needs.

Wacom design tablets/displays are built on a robust technology unlike other offerings in the market which makes it reliable and durable for longer period of time.

These are the only tablets which have 8048 pressure sensitivity with high end resolutions and are universally compatible with all designing softwares and do not require any driver installation or OS integrations for use.

We have been on the forefront of the designing market with more than 25 years of experience be it Textile/Fashion Designing or Animation/Illustrations. We have just the right experience and a team of design experts to cater to your designing needs. For more information on our design solution, contact one of our design experts to schedule a meeting.