Emerging from way back in 1893, SWISSVOICE is a market leader in the development and sale of innovative telecommunications solutions.

With primary business areas being cordless telephones, ISDN-phones, analogue phones, IP-phones and mobile phones, SWISSVOICE is selling its products all over the world.

These phone probably the most beautiful phone currently in the market. The design is the most-cited reason for the purchase. The manufacturer has received several international awards for its unique designs. These telephones are design icons and, unlike other telephones, can actually add beauty to your room or the piece of furniture where it sits.

It is not only the looks that really matters the headset itself reminds one of those of yesteryear, it is quite big and shaped like those old handsets as well and is therefore very comfortable to use and can be easily held between your ear and shoulder. Even long phone calls are pleasant with these units.

Having confirmed its success in Switzerland, SWISSVOICE has extended its know-how to other countries, including to France, Germany and Poland, and is now pursuing growth in Hong Kong and Pakistan.