In September 2015, Texitech turned 27. We are 27 years old, and stronger and more confident than ever before. Established due to our sister company (a 100+ year old in Textiles) need for CAD systems for their design department, Texitech was born initially to serve as a CAD CAM supplier in the Textile industry.

Within a short span of 2 years, Texitech became a market leader and trend setter, with offices in Faisalabad and Karachi and with all the large Textile companies as satisfied customers. With a integration of solutions and services being the main strategy, Texitech was proud to offer a one window solution in a market still maturing in IT. The main emphasis being support and services very soon there was an educational division with student strength of 200, learning Textiles/CAD/Designing to support our Textile customer’s CAD HR requirements.

In 2005 Texitech changed its focus and came into distribution of branded, niche market and specialized IT related distribution, and since then there has been no looking back.

Currently Texitech is a team of 130 spanning 4 offices – Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar and organized into 4 distinct divisions.

Textile Division

The oldest division but still going strong despite major changes in the market, this division now mainly offers services of design and production for the Textile CAD industry. With a very experienced team from the industry, they continue to offer CAD systems and related support and services for the print and weaving design industry.

Corporate Division

The Corporate Division was established about 5 years ago and comprises now of an efficient and experienced team spanning all four offices with localized support and after sales services for the small and medium business segment, Texitech in the past few years has built up a very prestigious customer base.

Distribution Division

Texitech does not follow the conventional box moving approach. It has always strived to understand its products, the suppliers and their philosophy deeply. This approach allows them to position the products, and promote the associated USP’s better.

Until recently the company brand selection policy was exclusive niche market products only, but recently they have started accepting volume brands due to brand demand and partner demand.

The value addition of Texitech for its resellers has been its approach and philosophy. Our resellers or “partners” as they are called are not only customers but in fact the drivers of the company. It is sensitivity to their needs and the understanding of their requirements that has added value to this relationship. The formula is very simple – We commit what we can deliver and deliver what is committed.

Consumer Division

The Consumer division established in 2015 is organized to allow to work directly with individuals is expected to become an important side of the business in the next few years.