• Enterprise Level Solutions

Servers & Mainframes:

With our server design and implementation services, you’ll get comprehensive IT infrastructure design and the expertise to put in place a secure and dynamic server for your core business needs.

Without a sound IT infrastructure, your business runs the risk of falling into disarray in the event of a disaster. Mission-critical elements of your business could be compromised. In order to get the computing resources your organization needs, you need a server that fits.

How our solution is different from others in the market?

We analyze all hardware and software components, as well as the server and internal peripherals, and software components with operating systems with other software that build up the standard of the server. You will profit from immediate server implementation for continued productivity.

We have the know-how to produce server solutions that work for all fashions of business computing. We’ll design a server that best fits your company’s needs, implement it, and get your business up and running fast.

For more information about our server design and implementation services, contact one of our business experts to schedule a meeting.


The importance of data is growing for every business, and enterprises are struggling to cope with data overload. Three key factors demand that enterprises adopt a focused approach towards Storage management – data must be protected, governance and compliance norms must be met, and data must be easily available when required for business purposes. This calls for a revaluation of the storage infrastructure in most enterprises.

There are several questions that you need to ask before you go ahead with your storage infrastructure revamp. How secure is your current storage system, and what changes do you envisage in your security needs further ahead? What role will your storage infrastructure play in helping you achieve your business goals? How do see your business and your storage requirements growing through the next few years?

You need a specialist IT infrastructure provider to help you understand your storage requirements, come up with possible solutions, and deploy the right storage infrastructure for your business. That’s where we come in.

How our solution is different from others in the market?

  • We have the ability to understand your technical challenges in light of your business goals.
  • We assess your storage requirements, recommend the right solution and deploy the infrastructure for you.
  • We help select the best solution based on the data types being stored.
  • We offer the best-fit storage technologies: NAS, Scalable NAS and SAN (SAS, iSCSI, FC and FCoE).

Speak with one of our business experts to see how archiving can help your organization do more with your data and save more on storage. We offer customized assessments to help determine how much your organization could save with a new archive strategy.